Friday, February 13, 2015

Understanding the number 5- Number Sense


Here's a fun little whole group lesson you can do with pre-school age- kindergarten. This is also great for those looking to work on numbers at home. 

Before trying the lesson, make sure they can count to 5. After they can count to five, you want them to understand what FIVE really means. 

During this lesson, you will have the kids fill in the bubbles ONE section at a time, all adding up to five, using two different colored markers, crayons, or highlighters. For example, “Show me 1 + 4”. One circle is green and 4 are red. How many do you have?  Then they practice writing the numbers in the equation. You should also phrase your question differently. For example, say, “If I have 1 circle red, how many more circle will I need to fill in to get 5?”

So what does this do? MATH FACTS and NUMBER SENSE!!!! 

It helps students start learning their math facts! That is such an important foundation for all math. 

Number sense- or the intuitive understanding of numbers and their relationships. Number sense is the ability to have a sense of what numbers mean. That means the the number 5 means five objects. This little activity helps to create a visual pattern for the visual learners. It also helps kids compare sets of numbers in a manageable way. 

And for those of you tackling Common Core State Standards.... this is a great little activity for "conceptual understanding of numbers."

Click HERE to download a free PDF file of my understanding the number 5 lesson

Here's a link to a number sense game for kids

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