Friday, July 29, 2016

Back to School GIVEAWAY!!

Hello fellow teachers & friends! 

You will hear it a hundred times these next few weeks but what happened to summer? That flew by. My district actually goes back to school next week and I am in denial. in fact, back to school night is TONIGHT! In honor of going back to school I am going to give away my BEGINNING IF THE YEAR/ BACK TO SCHOOL FLIPBOOK! This is my favorite back to school tool for parents night because it gets the parents doing something AND they remember it. the BEST part about this flipbook? THERE IS NO CUTTING OR GLUING! All you do is print 3, double-sided pages and fold them. CLICK HERE to watch a youtube video to see how to fold the flipbook. 

Giveaway CLOSED! Thank you

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Substitute Report

Here's a little freebie for all of you substitutes and guest teachers! I love making little personal reports to leave the teacher. It's so easy to fill out and I know as a teacher I appreciate feedback. This one is my favorite! It's so cute. It's so simple. It's so perfect. Enjoy!