Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Writers Notebook: The Introduction

The introduction to an essay is without a doubt important for any students essay. Introductions set the entire tone of an essay. I always tell my students think about the books you read. If it has a boring beginning, are you likely to continue reading it? NO! The same goes for your essays...

Here are some notes from our writers notebooks about what an introduction is.

The Introduction-

  • The very first part of your essay
  • Introduces the main idea/ topic of your essay
  • Grabs the readers attention 
  • Sets the tone of the essay 
  • Provides necessary background information 
  • Maps out your essay 
  • ***Contains the thesis statement*** 
  • I say it could be 3-5 sentences but let's be honest, I expect 5 good ones. 
  • A sentence or two of fact, piece of information, story, anecdote, or whatever to grab the readers attention. 
    • I  am not a fan of when my students just start their essays with a question so I don't even teach them that anymore. It seems to be their "go to" once they get the ok from me to do it so i try and teach other techniques.


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