Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Holidays Are Coming

I can't believe it is so close to holiday season! Stores are filling up with Halloween candy and costumes. Once Halloween hits, all the holidays just come so quickly. So, this year I was inspired by a resource I saw a teacher had in her room. She had a holiday word bin that had special holiday words listed. During holiday themed unites, especially writing and centers, I get a lot of "But how so you spell...." I thought this was a genius resource to help with that problem, but I wanted to adjust it just a little. So I created this holiday word dictionary. Each of the holiday words has a matching picture to go with it. So hopefully the kids will get help spelling the words they need, or completing the FUN holiday worksheets, and I hope the visuals of the pictures will help spark their creativity when it comes to their writing during the holidays. I am a huge fan or writing activities during the holiday season to match any craft we do.

I am really excited to use this but it got me wondering, what are your tips or tricks during the holiday season?

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