Monday, May 8, 2017

My VIPKID Classroom Set up

Setting up a virtual classroom was so much fun! Here is what you will need....

1. An educational background. 

I personally chose the map because I saw lots of other teachers using it. It turns out, the map is so useful! I refer to it during almost every lesson. It also is helpful for me to engage in natural conversation with my student beyond what is presented in the lesson. I have seen other teachers use number or letter charts. I have also seen the most adorable "classroom starter kits" at teacher stores. I bet those would look amazing as a background. 

2. Good lightening. 

See that big light? It is wonderful! I found it at Lowe's. I  also bought LED daylight light bulbs. It makes for a clear, white light. Good lightning is so important! The students have to be able to see you, see what you do, see your lips move, and see your props that support the lesson. 

3. A good work space. 

You need a quiet and clutter free space to call your classroom. We are short on space so I am stuck in our living room. In this photo, you can see I have things on the sides of my classroom. When I am teaching, you cannot see them. Off to the side, I have plastic drawers to store my item. They are within my reach so I can get to them if needed in a lesson.

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