Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Classroom Rules Poster

By the time my students reached 5th grade, they have seen all the classroom rules before. My first 2 years in 5th grade, I did the same thing. We came up with the classroom rules as a class and signed an agreement to follow them. I often would refer to the contract that they signed if there were issues. I would also go over the classroom rules again and have them resign an agreement if issues continued. For my class, it just wasn't very effective.  So, I wanted to get a little creative with the usual classroom rules so that they really stuck with them when I had to refer to them again. Below, you will find my new and improved set of classroom rules..... with hashtags!

Most of the hashtags were things that I would normally say. My personal favorites are for the listening rule #tunein and come to class prepared is #priorities.

*June 2017 UPDATE* 

You guys have shown me so much love with these posters! THANK YOU!!

They have quickly become my best selling item on TPT. I have taken requests during the 2016-2017 school year and I now have so many more styles to choose from! I also have a variety of cover posters available to fit specific school regulations and requirements. I am also happy to announce that I have posters for British English available such as "Rubbish goes in the bin" and "No mobile phone use."

I know many teachers have finish their current school year or it is coming to an end. So, while we all enjoy a MUCH needed and MUCH earned break, I know some of us are planning out the changes we can make to our rooms for the 2017-2018 school year. That being said, if you have suggestions for themes, designs, or more classroom rules posters, please comment below! I will be adding MORE to this product this summer! You can also e-mail with comments, questions, or requests.

Thank you!                                                                 


Black and white options are available too! Put them onto your favorite paper to match your classroom's theme and you would be good to go! 

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  1. I like these rules---maybe you could modify this list. I teach middle school Thanks!
    Be Prompt: be on time for class; turn assignments in when they are due.
    Be Prepared: have everything you need for class with you; be ready to learn
    Be Positive: encourage others and do not complain
    Be Productive: focus on the task
    Be Polite: respect others