Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Classroom Rules Poster

By the time my students reached 5th grade, they have seen all the classroom rules before. My first 2 years in 5th grade, I did the same thing. We came up with the classroom rules as a class and signed an agreement to follow them. I often would refer to the contract that they signed if there were issues. I would also go over the classroom rules again and have them resign an agreement if issues continued. For my class, it just wasn't very effective.  So, I wanted to get a little creative with the usual classroom rules so that they really stuck with them when I had to refer to them again. Below, you will find my new and improved set of classroom rules... with hashtags!

Most of the hashtags were things that I would normally say. My personal favorites are for the listening rule #tunein and come to class prepared is #priorities. Two things I would always say! 



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